About me

 As a person navigating through life battling acne, large pore sizes and way too much hair. I have always been really interested in skincare and the science behind it. I attended school in Seattle Washington and obtained my Master of Aesthetics license and have loved coming to work everyday since.  I am extremely passionate about this industry and consider it an honor to build relationships with my clients as I help them reach their skincare goals. I am a lover of knowledge--and one of my favorite things about this field is the fact that its always changing.  I strive to keep up to date with the latest technology and beauty trends through continued education classes. Very few things excite me as much as the ability to share what I've learned with my clients.  Aside from skincare I am a traveler, a foodie and a lover of life. I have two dogs and a fiance whom I cant wait to grow old with (gracefully of course).