What is Sugar wax and why do we love it?


Sugaring hair removal is actually one of the oldest forms of hair removal, it was used by ancient Egyptians as early as 1900 BC. Unlike wax, sugar is removed in the same direction as hair growth so there is virtually no breakage.  

The molecular size of sugar is small enough that it allows the sugar to penetrate into the follicle whilst wrapping itself around the hair shaft. Full lubrication of the hair and follicle by the sugar paste results in a more gentle extraction. You are no longer traumatizing or re-directing the natural direction of the follicle. 

Unlike wax which is created from a combination of chemicals and only adheres to live skin, sugar paste is ALL NATURAL! You can actually eat it if you want (but careful--it takes a toll on your waistline)

Sugaring leads to permanent hair reduction. After every appointment you will notice the regrowth is softer and finer than before. Though results vary for everyone within two years of being sugared on a regular basis I had eliminated 90% of the unwanted hair on my body permanently!

Sugar is applied at room temperature so there is no risk of burns. Sugar is also an incredible method of exfoliation and leaves your skin glowing.